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Some words from our happy parents

Below are some emails from parents.

We love feedback (including suggestions and constructive criticism), so be in touch!

We don't publish writer's names, or their kid's identifying details, except with explicit permission - some emails have been edited for this reason, and for brevity.


Last night, when we were discussing our daughter's Bat Mitzvah in Tammuz, Yehudah notified us that we better do it during the school year - because he won't miss camp to come to the Bat Mitzvah!



Your camp is the best camp around. My kids ran to camp every morning excited to find out what would happen that day. You guys were a fun, creative, friendly staff who made my kids' summer. Thank you.



Yeshar Koach. Sara had a fantasic time at camp. You did a really professional job. Loved the daily emails.

Many thanks and chag kasher ve'samme'ach!


Today was amazing. My daughter had a great time. She totally loves everything about the camp.


(Here's a special one.)

Dear All Star staff and administration:

I am taking a few minutes out of a hectic Friday afternoon to write this email because what I have to say is simply more important than the floors which need cleaning and the cake which has yet to be baked.

When I picked up my son yesterday, he responded to my oh-so-predictable "how was your day, sweetie" with an answer I don't think I've ever heard from him or any of my other kids: "Ima, each day is better than the one before."

As I laughed in astonishment, he insisted, "No, Ima. I'm really serious."

You guys have taken a kid who has suffered agonizing social problems in the past and have returned him home at the end of the day bragging about how his teammates danced around with him on their shoulders in celebration of his particularly crucial home run.

I have watched a child whom I usually have to drag out of the house in the morning, wake up with a minimum of cajoling on my part, pack up his bag on his own, smile at and hug me goodbye on his own initiative, and trot out of the house with time to spare to meet his hasaah.

He comes home relaxed and content. He feels good about himself. He thinks he's one of the best athletes at camp, and it doesn't matter to me in the least whether or not that's true.

You guys have done something very, very right this summer. Thank you.

All the best,



Thanks for the fabulous summer for Yaakov! Your camp is the best out there!


Hi Dovi,

Camp has been wonderful. [Our son] loves it, and it has made our aliyah so much smoother having him happy.



Dear Dov,

Just to let you know that my son, Binyamin, is really enjoying himself. I'd like to thank you for all these years for providing a healthy framework for him.

Some pats on the back:

I've been meaning to tell you since I took [my older son] for swim lessons, that the receptionist at the pool (also) said AFI is the best camp they ever get.

[My younger son] has been wandering around the house singing "2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? dovi, dovi, ooooooooh dovi!"


Dear Dovi,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff. Our son always came home with wonderful stories of the day's events. Kol Hakavod for all your tireless efforts and creative ideas.

Keep up the good work,

Shabbat shalom,


Thanks for giving David a wonderful experience at your Sports Camp. It made me so happy to see him so enthusiastic about going each day. I hope to send him again to your camp next year. It was a pleasure working with you – thanks for taking my daily calls and requests (and not blocking me from your caller ID lol) and for taking extra care of David. If there are any programs or events throughout the year please inform me of them via email as I’m always looking for something extra for him to do.

Thank you,


Dear Dovi and the rest of the sports staff,

On behalf of our son I want to thank you for a great week. He is not "into" sports and was very apprehensive about going. You guys were warm, welcoming and the week just flew by. He is looking forward to joining the camp for a real session next summer.

Thanks again


I keep on meaning to write to you from the States to say THANK YOU ... he had the most amazing time ... and we can't believe how he throws a ball now, has all this fab sport games language (even though me being British - I don't understand most of it!) So thank you so so much.

He really had such a blast and Dovi obviously worked night and day for those eight weeks

Thank you for giving my kids a wonderful 2 weeks of fun and enjoyment

all the best and a great year ahead


Hi Dovi,

Just wanted to let you know that my son Chaim had a great time at All Star Israel this summer. He was there a total of 3 weeks and enjoyed all of the various activities - none of which felt repetitive.

See you next year!


I want to commend you on the excellent program you run in the summer, my kids really enjoyed it!


Just to say THANK YOU!

…He's loving it ... and I can already see that he is truly having a well rounded experience. And your organization is amazing!


Dear Dov




Dear Dovi,

Thanks for giving [my child] a great time over the last 3 weeks. He really enjoyed.

Kol Hakovd and enjoy the rest of the summer.

The camp is really amazing you are doing an awesome job!

Thank you for another great summer!


I wanted to let you know that Avi told us he's having a great time at your camp, and it appears to have been a very successful first half of the summer for him.


Mordechai is having a great time in camp!


Once again, it was a fabulous experience at your camp for both my boys, and that isn't always the case with them! I appreciate the great time you and your staff gave them!


Once again – Yasher Koach on the fabulous program! Sara really loved camp and looks forward to next summer.

Thanks and SHANA TOVA,


Hello Dovi,

My daughter had a wonderful time at camp this week. You do a terrific job at managing all the details.

Thank you,



My son had a great time at your camp and he and his brother look forward to being there next summer.

Thank you for a great three weeks. Both [my son and daughter] had a great time. I really appreciated the e-mail updates, and that you were always available to answer any questions I had. We're all looking forward to next year already!



Thanks for another great summer!

Allow me to take this opportunity to wish you, and your entire staff, a hearty ya'asher kochachem. Yoni had a fabulous time at your wonderful camp -- and we look forward to returning next year.


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