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Our Team

Dovi Rabinowitz
Dovi Rabinowitz

Executive Director, All Star Israel 

Dovi believes passionately in experiential education - especially when it comes to kids, self-improvement, self-confidence, and unity.

Dovi lives in Jerusalem, with his wife Elyssa and their children.

In his scant free time, Dovi teaches Torah Reading (Kri'a Batorah). He is an 11th degree black belt in Ta'am Chi, and credits his success to "I made it up, so I decide about the belts". 

Yossi Fuchs
Yossi Fuchs 

Yossi has been involved in the development of sports in Israel for more than 20 years, including running youth and high schoool leagues and clinics and coaching the Israel National Mens Flag Football Team.

Yossi has been in chinuch for more than a decade at Yeshivat Torat Shraga


All Star Israel Chashmonaim

Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker

Inducted into the Yeshiva University Sports Hall of Fame in the inaugural class in 2017, Heidi gives our campers a nice introduction - and some technical pointers - when we have tennis at camp.

Besides tennis, Heidi is a huge sports fan and can often be seen playing, coaching and encouraging kids to learn and grow from playing sports.

Assistant Director, 

All Star Israel Chashmonaim

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