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CIT Program

The All Star Israel "CIT Program" combines counselor and leadership training, together with sports, special trips and great special activities!

The CIT Program is for potential future counselors entering grades 9 and 10. The CIT program was created as a result of us seeing that the older kids were having fun at camp, but were ready for more - more responsibility, more activities suited for them, (and maybe even a bit more thinking).

The main elements of the program that are different from the younger campers are:

  • Counselor Skills, e.g. learning how to run a sports session or activity, with their senior counselor.

  • Hands-On Experience. This means anything from joining counselors who are running a sport or game, to creating an entire day like Color War, or the famous All Star Israel "Bean Day" (which the CITs actually invented at camp!)

  • Leadership-building activities.

There are a few other differences between the CIT program and the younger campers. Because the program is geared toward their age, there are sometimes different daily activities or trips, and there are activities in the schedule geared toward turning into more of a cohesive group of friends - they're still campers, but they're the most senior campers.

To register for the CIT program, click on "Registration" in the menu bar and complete the regular Registration form - by choosing 9th or 10th grade, you will automatically be placed in the CIT program.

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