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Jerusalem Camp Info, Dates and Prices

We're SOOOO excited for an AMAZING camp season, at All Star Israel Sports Camp!


We're looking forward to a camp season filled with sportsmanship, teamwork, friends, and fun!

Camp runs throughout July and much of August. Summer 2021 dates are below!

Campers can be registered for any number or combination of weeks.

The camp is for boys and girls entering Kindergarten and Grades 1–10.

Grades 9-10 participate in our great "CIT Program".

Camp is based primarily at the "Mabat" field and the "Kangaroo" Community Center (next door to the Pelech Boys School) in Katamon, with swimming, amazing activities and trips to various great locations.


Transportation is available from many areas, both inside and outside Jerusalem. For transportation info please click here.

For directions to camp, please click here.

Camp Hours:

Sunday through Thursday

Short Day: 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Extended Day:  8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m

For a sample weekly schedule, please click here. (An attachment will open on your computer.)

Summer 2021 - Registration Notes

Summer 2021 dates: July 4th through  August 19th. 

Campers can be registered for any number or combination of weeks.

Below are prices per week, in NIS, for Short Day (8:30-13:30) and Extended Day (8:30-15:30)

The “3-Week/Family Discount” applies to families registering for a total of 3 weeks or more - the computer will automatically apply this discount, and the discount applies to all of the kids in the family (including the first kid).

The Early and "Super-Early" Discounts apply if registration and payment are completed during this period. We love giving the Super-Early Discount - and you’ll love getting it! If you missed it this year, click here to email us, to make sure you’re on our list to get it next time!


Prices include “aruchat eser”, snacks, drinks, shirts, insurance, trips, and all activities, as well as lunch during Extended Day.

Registrations completed less than one week before you are starting camp must be confirmed by the camp office (you can shoot us an email and we'll reply).

- Please also see the SPECIAL NOTES, below. These are important, especially this year.


Summer 2021 Weekly Pricing


PLEASE DO NOT PAY NOW - see "Special Notes", below.

Short Day

Super Early Registration

(completed by April 30th)

Late Registration

(completed after June 1st)

650nis - individual week

610nis - "3-week/sibling discount"

750nis - individual week

680nis - "3-week/sibling discount"

850nis - individual week

780nis - "3-week/sibling discount"

Early Registration

(completed by May 31st)

Extended Day

820nis - individual week

780nis - "3-week/sibling discount"

920nis - individual week

850nis - "3-week/sibling discount"

1020nis - individual week

950nis - "3-week/sibling discount"

Prices, program, discounts, and availability are subject to change.

For transportation info and prices, click here.

To register, click on the registration link in the menu.

You can always contact us with any questions, at, or at 050-790-4788.

Back-up phone: 050-757-4185.


We are looking forward to providing an amazing summer for all of the kids! We are working hard to take every precaution in our preparations for camp, and to ensure a summer at All Star Israel that is safe and wonderful.

We're doing all the preparation for camp, with love. 

We do have to recognize that logistical changes to our regular programming will quite possibly be necessary. And of course, there is uncertainty about the school schedule (and we all know they'll probably make a dozen changes before we reach July.)

For this reason PLEASE DO NOT PAY NOW.

You can reserve your spot by registering now. We'll let you know when the government go-ahead for camp seems definite, and you can pay then - or, obviously, you can also choose not to pay then, and cancel. We know that registering this year is a bit of a guess, so please just try to do your best for now.

If regulations this year limit the number of participants, we'll try to make sure that we give priority to "first come, first served".

Other notes:

- There is no camp on Tisha B’Av, (unless otherwise announced - we hope to re-create our amazing program again this year on Tisha B'Av, with the Kid2Kid organization - details to follow).

- Registrations and all participation is subject to the Terms of Participation.

- One more important thing. We want to stress, especially if someone in your household is immunocompromised or otherwise high-risk, that no environment is ever perfect. That definitely includes schools and camps. We try hard to include everyone. So if this is relevant to you or your kids, please be in touch (even - especially! - if you feel you cannot register), and we will discuss with you ideas for including your kids in the camp community.


Again, you can always contact us with any questions, at, or call or Whatsapp at 050-790-4788.

Back-up phone: 050-757-4185.

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