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All Star Israel is located at the Masorti school, fields, and indoor gym, in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem. (Our other great camp is located in Chashmonaim.)


There are three entrances to the campus:

1. "The Field Entrance" - 8 Nahum Shadmi Street.

This is where we meet every morning. It's next to the "Tzofim" building, and around the corner from Ein Gedi Street  ("Tzomet Habankim" / "Katzefet"). 

The "Field Entrance" is the best in the morning. Other entrances are not always open, and everyone must meet up on the field.

Directions on Google Maps

2. "The Corner entrance" - 2 Efrata Street (then look to your right across the very small parking lot).  

This is probably the best way to enter at the end of the day, to pick up next to the gym. 

Directions on Google Maps

3. The Betar Street entrance - 8 Betar Street. 

If you enter here, come around the school building to get to the gym (where we usually meet parents at dismissal), or continue down to the field (where we meet up in the morning).

Directions on Google Maps.

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