Transportation is available from many areas, both inside and outside Jerusalem. 

Please read fully, including the instructions at the end - this is important

For Summer Camp, we generally organize transportation from areas in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh and R.B.S., Modiin, Chashmonaim, Efrat and the Gush - if you're interested in other areas, please be in touch to find out if transportation is available.

For the Pre-Pesach Camp, we generally arrange transportation from Baka, Talpiot, the German Colony, and nearby neighborhoods, and may have transportation from Bet Shemesh, Modiin/Chashmonaim, and the Gush - please be in touch if you are interested in transportation from outside Jerusalem.

Transportation prices, per week in NIS, for Summer 2020:

Within Jerusalem: 

Round-trip - 188nis

One way - 98nis

Efrat, Neve Daniel: 

Round-trip - 218nis

One way - 114nis

"WEEK 1+" (Wed-Thu July 1-2 + Sun-Thu, July 5-9) -- the transportation cost of the 2 extra days is 2/5 of the regular week prices above. 

 NOTE: When choosing transportation for "WEEK 1+", the computer may only display and calculate July 5-9, not July 1-2 (it's a technical issue.) DON'T WORRY, we'll take care of everyone - if you choose transportation, we will make sure you are put on the list for those two days as well. We'll send you a confirmation before camp.

Please note:

  • Bus attendance lists, routes and times are announced by email approximately Thursday prior to the week in question (or approximately 2-4 days before programs that start mid-week).

  • Please be sure to read the list each week, as there can be changes.

  • Transportation is based on availability and sufficient registration. You may contact the camp office for specific confirmation or with any questions.

  • If it is already less than two weeks prior to when you want transportation, please contact us and we'll try to add you if there's room - don't just register online for the coming week, (to make sure a human sees it, and not just the computer).



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